a human fashion brand supporting the human hive, sweetness, and humanitarian causes ~ Inspired people, inspire people.

inspired by people, for people, and infused with poetry, bee human is an inspiration clothing line, shared through fashion, art, home, office, and usable and wearable items for everyday life. 

from wearable fashion styles, shirts, and gifts, to home goods, fitness, yoga, office and lifestyle products, find your message of impact, and share some sweet honey with the world. 

inspire people to think, smile, create, love and share.

because inspired people, inspire people. 

to bee human. 



about the bee

the bee as an animal symbolizes community, brightness and personal power, representing the "human beehive".  

the bee of 'bee human' is imperfect with dripping paint - just like us humans. it was curated by Galera Collective and created by Ripes - a graffiti artist in South Florida.

see more of his work here: https://galeracollective.com/collections/ripes

bee human and its supportive artists are featured in Art Basel.